gremio couvre x chefs
gremio couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: SEVVSTY – 003 + Jegsaha – Radittsu (Gremio)

From the outskirts of Mexico City, the Gremio collective releases its first compilation GREM.1.0: 50 minutes of Latin-inspired techno and leftfield bass.

Gremio is a new collective emerging from Edomex aka Estado de Mexico – the large peripheral region around the Mexican capital – dedicated to highlighting the talent of national and international electronic music artists.

Meaning “guild”, Gremio embodies a spirit of collaboration where artists come together to exhibit a sonic patchwork testifying to the constant search for avant-garde electronic music intended for clubs and open-minded spaces.

The GREM.1.0 compilation which has just been released is the inaugural chapter of the musical odyssey initiated by the collective. Conceived as a true kaleidoscope of soundscapes, the compilation is a true auditory journey into the different worlds of the artists who compose it. Made up of 11 titles, the tracklisting includes Radecor Domar, backslash, Yourte Bugarach, Jegsaha, SEVVSTY, El Irreal Veintiuno and rrawlife.

To accompany the release, the collective entrusted us with the broadcast of two tracks: “003” by SEVVSTY and “Radittsu” by Jegsaha. “003” by SEVVSTY is described by the collective as “tribalglitch downtempo”, which is confirmed by the haunting and contemplative rave atmosphere of the piece which then evolves into a reggaeton hybrid, all bathed in ambient layers. On “Radittsu”, Jegsaha simply intends to transform the listener into a super sayan: with his samples taken from Dragon Ball Z, his reference to Raditz (older brother of Goku in DBZ) and hentai vocals, the track is an unstoppable supercharged guaracha.

Pre-order GREM.1.0 on Bandcamp, released on February 23rd.