Souleance (Soulist + Fulgeance), Interview.

Fulgeance is an artist that I have been following for several years and whose productivity has kept on amazing me. Indeed, the producer is managing several projects simultaneously, each with their own identity, while keeping the Fulgeance touch. Upon the release of the latest EP Jogar (that has Brazilian influences) from Souleance, a duet that he composes with DJ Soulist, I have been able to ask a few questions to Fulgeance. Interview:

Couvre x Chefs: Fulgeance, could you start by introducing the Souleance project?

Fulgeance: Souleance is a live duet with Soulist and Fulgeance. We like funk, the “black music”, soul but also cool people, good food, meeting people, traveling… The good life to sum up! Soulist represents WHAT THE FUNK, iconic Parisian party, as a DJ, and I am Fulgeance, composer and performer under the label Musique Large that, I believe, you already know!

CxC:You both have projects going on separately, how did Souleance start?

Fulgeance: The meet was quite evident. Soulist is an amazing DJ and a long time digger. Personally, I love soul music and all black music, so the fact of combining our strengths as producers and fans of electronic music came naturally: an electronic funk that aims to be both free and accessible.

Jogar EP, a disc that has brazilian influences

CxC: Your new EP, Jogar, stands out a little from your last productions, with its Brazilian music focus, while keeping the Souleance touch. How did the idea of this EP come up and how did you manage to compose it?

Fulgeance: We had been thinking for a long time about doing an EP especially Brazilian. Our last EP, BROTHA, has a big part of latino music, but the creation process of this EP is quite unique. Alice Dufay, who is the artist behind all the Souleance’s artworks, is also a DJ and she particularly likes Brazilian music. I have therefore taken all of this EP’s samples from Alice Dufay’s personal collection in one or two afternoons. We then moved on to composing and arrangements, that’s it! Well, I must admit that the world cup (Soulist being a big football fan) has also influenced this release. You can see it on the EP’s artwork, but the main wish with this EP was to pay a tribute to this Brazilian music that we value deeply.


Jogar EP vinyl is also available  on bandcamp!

CxC: Speaking of Brazilian music, what are the styles and artists that you like the most?

Fulgeance: Samba, Bossa… the list is long but artists like Marcos Vale, Caetano Velso, Chico Buarque are our major references. Still, this is a non-exhaustive list as they are so many talents in that musical sphere.

CxC: Are you considering to release other EPs that are as thematic but with different styles?

Fulgeance: Not necessary, but time will tell. We like more and more playing with the balance of a music more electronic than acoustic with the samples. We want to bring an even more hybrid and unique style. We are, aside from Jogar, working on “French Tape” project. A tape mainly based on French samples. The exercise is very interesting to us because our dear France has seen a lot of great composers and performers that are today too forgotten… You will see!

CxC: Fulgeance, you play bass in several of the EP’s tracks, it’s a first isn’t it? Are you interested in incorporating instruments played as well as samples or MPCs in your composition?

Fulgeance: Specifically, I play bass on “Segredos Do Samba”. But yes, we would love to include more live recordings and more instruments in our future projects but it requires a lot of time and preparation. We have a rhythm in our production process that suits us. Everything can go quickly without rushing anything. But this idea remains possible for us. The must would be to transform Souleance in a live band, but that too, is a ton of work! Who knows…

CxC: What is playing in your record player lately?

Fulgeance: Black Miulk, Seven Davis Jr, Madlib, The Bamboos, Francois de Roubaix, Dorian Concept, Aaron “AB” Abernathy, Salsoul Orchestra, Katalyst…


Drafts from Alice Dufay for Jogar typography.

CxC: What’s planned for this summer?

Fulgeance: Well, we are just coming back from the SOUNDWAVE festival in Croatia (Author’s note: interview made in july) where we have, again, spent some amazing times, one the BOAT PARTY and on stage. A good line up and the perfect occasion to celebrate the 10 years of FIRST WORD Records, the English label that has been supporting the project. And now, it’s a break, vacation. Time as well to prep and compose future projects: Claude, my house project with Darius Broobecker on Musique Large, a new album as Fulgeance, and of course, new adventures with Souleance!

Traduction by Thibault Fuhr.