tobey lowers couvre x chefs
tobey lowers couvre x chefs

[PREMIERE] Tobey – Passion (It Feels Weird) [Lowers]

Two months after the fourth volume of their emblematic compilation High and Low, the Mexican label Lowers is about to release their next EP: It Feels Weird EP, composed by Argentinian producer Tobey.

Tobey, Tobías Leiro, has been active since 2018. The music he composes is at the merging point of experimental and broken/aggressive rhythms. Tobey told us that he draws his inspiration from the back and forth trips he makes between La Tablada and Buenos Aires.

On It Feels Weird, the young producer translates his feelings of ambient upheavals and delivers chaotic and complex club work. Broken rhythms, melancholic synths and vocals pitched to the limit makes up for the 3 tracks of the project.

Before the release of the full EP tomorrow, you can already find the opening track Passion (It Feels Weird) on the player upper.

Tobey’s It Feels Weird EP is out on May 14 at Lowers, pre-order already available on Bandcamp.