luc schol bound centre victor metske couvre x chefs calamity one
luc schol bound centre victor metske couvre x chefs calamity one

[PREMIERE] Victor Metske – 4 More Years [Bound Centre]

luc schol bound centre victor metske couvre x chefs calamity oneBound Centre, photo © Luc Schol



Bound Centre, label and club night showcasing the Rotterdam underground


Bound Centre is a collective, label and series of parties emerging from the Rotterdam underground. Founded by Victor Metske, Ice Viper, Holowave, Imhotel and S x m b r a, they combine genres, scenes and deliver their contemporary vision of their city’s soundtrack. VIP guests (Club Late Music, Slagwerk, EYCEE …) and a clear vision are undoubtedly converting Bound Centre into a solid European pillar of an innovative and avant-garde club scene.

After nearly one year of parties at Roodkapje Rotterdam, the Dutch collective is about to officially launch the first release of their catalogue as a label: this is the Calamity One compilation, bringing together members of the project and whose artwork is signed Jonathan Castro.


With ‘Calamity One’, we showcase Bound Centre’s vision of permanently reconstructing electronic music after the irreversible disappearance of boundaries between genres. In line with our club nights in Rotterdam, we now join production forces to make our first steps as a label. Finding each other in an unorthodox approach while coming from different artistic backgrounds, we complement each other to shape the varied musical environment that we aspire. Bound Centre


victor metske bound center couvre x chefs 4 more years calamity oneArtwork of Calamity One, © Jonathan Castro


PREMIERE: Victor Metske – “4 More Years”

To accompany the evolution of this solid project, CxC is proud to unveil the exclusive 4 More Years song composed by one of the label’s founders: Victor Metske.


victor metske luc schol bound centre calamity one 4 More Years Couvre x ChefsVictor Metske, © Luc Schol


At 28, Victor Metske already has 10 years as a producer behind him. Organizer of parties and DJ native of Rotterdam, Victor has nourished the various scenes and sounds that surround him for several years to chart his own path while honouring his influences. He defines his work as a composer as a reflection of his dark and festive mood. We’ve already been able to listen to his tracks/blends/edits on Classical Trax, HTS or on the very good compilation GUN Project by Club Late Music.


The title ‘4 More Years’ refers to the amount of time I thought I would need to sort out certain parts of my life. It’s an optimistic track nonetheless. Bound Centre marks a new beginning in my life. Making the 4 years to get on track all the more realistic.


Definitely club and resolutely innovative, the track 4 More Years confirms that Victor Metske is a producer to follow and seriously marks the evolution of Bound Centre as a label. Check out the exclusive track below, and do not miss the release of the full Calamity One compilation on June 28th.



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