PREMIERE: El Plvybxy – Transpiro Escupo (Agva Records)

El Plvybxy announces on Agva Records an unstoppable changa tuki EP endorsed by the pioneer of the genre, DJ Baba

In the midst of a successful European tour with Rattlesnakke, Argentinian producer El Plvybxy will soon be releasing his new EP via his label Agva Records.

Extracorporea is a tribute to changa tuki, or raptor house, a Venezuelan club music style popularised in the 2000s and brought back to light in 2021 by producer Arca who sampled a classic of the genre for her Lady Gaga remix (“Metelo Sacalo” by DJ Yirvin, available on Changa Tuki Classics released by Bazzerk in 2013). More recently, the excellent Nick Leon collaborated on his latest EP for TraTraTrax with changa tuki legend DJ Baba. More locally, the French DJ Franssouax wrote a comprehensive article on the musical trend for fellow Manifesto XXI.

Coming back to the release we’re interested in today, El Plvybxy composed Extracorporea during the pandemic and has infused this EP with all the anger and frustration he felt during that period. The result is explosive: four club-ready tracks bursting with energy, combining classic Venezuelan sounds and the Argentine DJ’s inimitable rhythmic work.

When we finally got the chance to get out of our homes, we found ourselves raving to changa tuki tracks as soon as El Plvybxy get in the DJ booth.

Agva Records

The icing on the cake: the EP is approved by DJ Baba himself, signing one of the two remixes for the occasion. The second remix of the EP was left to the good care of the Argentine Tayhana, author of production for Rosalía’s last album (“CUUUUuuuuuute”).

Extracorporea by El Plvybxy will be released on 11 August on Agva Records, follow the label on Bandcamp.