SUEUGA KAMAU Couvre x Chefs Terror Negro Funeral
SUEUGA KAMAU Couvre x Chefs Terror Negro Funeral

PREMIERE: Funeral’s transterritorial remix for Sueuga Kamau [Terror Negro]

Sueuga Kamau is a mysterious Californian duo with a devilishly effective sound, composed of Mr. Sueuga and Kamau D. While they are currently cooking prods for renowned vocalists such as La Favi or La Goony Changa, Oakland’s duo is about to release their first EP: Grieta.

Grieta EP will be released this Saturday, April 20th on Terror Negro Records, the excellent and essential label of Peruvian Deltatron. Their work combines Caribbean influences (reggaeton, dembow) and darker Gothic atmospheres, a mix that sometimes evokes another Houston-based duo. With this first EP, the producer duo establishes the identity of a new wave of producers in the Bay Area.

This first project by Sueuga Kamau consists of two tracks and their two respective remixes. The first is in charge of the master of the digital cumbia, the brilliant Turbo Sonidero. The second, as for him, is the proofreading of the talented Bolivian producer Funeral, author of one of the best EPs of 2018, “Privacidad”, published by Salviatek.

Listening: the Bolivian producer Funeral remixes “Ritmo Demoniaco” by Sueuga Kamau

It is this second one that we can listen to in preview below. On his piece, Funeral plays with the characteristic HA of the ballroom while bringing out the demonic melody of the original piece, reworked to evoke Andean sounds.

The producer’s characteristic touch lies, as one would expect from listening to his EP, in the treatment of percussion: deconstructed and reconstructed pre-Hispanic drums that reveal the demonic potential of the original piece.

The reason I use those sounds always has a purpose behind it: to rethink their meaning. Aggression? Sensuality? Own? Foreign?

La razón por que uso esos sonidos siempre tiene un propósito detrás: replantear su significado. Agresión? Sensualidad? Propio? Ajeno?

Sonically speaking the remix is always in constant change, the rhythms are hybrids of Latin rhythms (cumbia, reggaeton, tribal, funk dance) confronted with rhythms typical of Bolivia such as Caporal.

Sónicamente hablando el remix siempre está en un cambio constante, los ritmos son híbridos de ritmos latinos (cumbia, reggaeton, tribal, baile funk) enfrentados con ritmos propios de Bolivia como el Caporal.

The idea behind the remix? Transterritoriality.

I think we all share mixed identities that go beyond the territory we inhabit and mix with the culture we connect with and live in a digital and face-to-face way.


La idea detrás del remix? Transterritorialidad.

Pienso que todos compartimos identidades mezcladas que van mas allá del territorio que habitamos y se mezclan con la cultura con la que conectamos y vivimos de manera digital y presencial.


Sueuga Kamau’s Grieta EP will be available Saturday, April 20 at Terror Negro Records.

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