Hedo Hydr8 Couvre x Chefs
Hedo Hydr8 Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Hedo Hydr8 – Keep Up

Danish hooded duo Hedo Hydr8 explores the sonic personalities that make up their body music through a series of searing EPs, IDENTITY SAMPLER

Hedo Hydr8 is a mysterious duo of Danish DJs and producers whose energetic signature contemporary body music has not gone unnoticed in the current club scene. Their live shows are real events, presenting a troupe of hooded performers like themselves, thus playing on the overdrive and performative self of the DJ.

The hooded duo, who also run the affected platform and label, organize raves with the aim of creating intense, visceral, and raw sound and physical experiences. In 2022, the Danes presented Omon Breaker, LCY, and Pearson Sound in the legendary Copenhagen club Volume in front of no less than 600 people. This year, Uniiqu3, Opium Hum, and DJ Botox will be at the Danish parties.

On the label side, Hedo Hydr8 released EP2 a few months ago, a remarkable concentrate of inventive and overexcited club cuts supported by Zuli, LCY, TSVI or Object Blue, to name but a few, on which Merca Bae is notably featured.

Today, the dynamic duo presents the first volume of their new release series: IDENTITY SAMPLER. The ambition of this collection is to explore the different sonic personalities and the diversity of genres that shape the sound of Hedo Hydr8. On IDENTITY SAMPLER I, the two Danes venture into Jersey club, baile funk, and kuduro along two ebullient tracks. To complete the project, they invited the excellent Sueuga (fka Sueuga Kamau) to perform an ultra-rhythmic dungeon-like remix.

Listening today in our columns: the vibrant opening track “Keep Up”. Between sirens, sharp 808, and motorbike samples, all organized on an unstoppable jersey club rhythm, the track promises a devastating effect on the dancefloors.

Hedo Hydr8’s IDENTITY SAMPLER I is out now on Bandcamp.