Neil MacLeod Second Self Remix Couvre x Chefs
Neil MacLeod Second Self Remix Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Neil MacLeod – Curer (Second Self Remix) (Particle Recordings)

New Zealand producer Neil MacLeod turns his own dark, cinematic electronic music into a devastating club banger

Neil MacLeod is a producer of electronic pop and alternative music based in Wellington, New Zealand. After releasing the acclaimed We Have Know Lost Days (Particle Recordings, 2022), the artist is about to unveil remixes of it, which have been left to the care of European and New Zealand producers.

The tracklisting of this We Have Known Lost Days Remixed includes Throwing Snow, Leaping Tiger, Proteins of Magic, Amamelia, 2XM, Brainwaltzera, and Second Self, whose remix we reveal today in our columns. The particularity of Second Self is that it is an alias of Neil MacLeod himself, driven by the desire to work on a club replay of his own track, “Curer”.

I’ve been fascinated by dance music since my late teenage years in post-earthquake Christchurch; my friends and I formed a live techno crew and for a couple of years, those shows were all I looked forward to in life. The sense of freedom and the amount of energy that music gave me, has stuck with me ever since

Neil MacLeod

Remixing himself gave the author infinite freedom and allowed him to deliver a very instinctive version, without making any compromise. Indeed, the devastating club remix tinged with UK bass, breakbeats, jungle reminiscences, and syncopated drums takes the total opposite of the contemplative soul of the original track. Once the remix was finished, he sent it to his label Particle Recordings, and Second Self was born. For the choice of this new alias, the producer was inspired by the philosophical concept of the Shadow Self developed by Carl Jung.

Already published and played on BBC Radio 6 Music, DAZED, Dubleb, and Pilerats, the New Zealander (and his club alias!) is (are) one to watch closely.

Pre-order Neil MacLeod’s We Have Known Lost Days Remixed, official release on 24 March by Particle Recordings.