jumboclat qss dal
jumboclat qss dal

[PREMIERE] Jumboclat – PBD Riddim [Quarantine Sonic Squad]

Confinement has been an opportunity for many artists to express themselves in the best possible way by responding musically to the crisis.

It is in this context that the Quarantine Sonic Squad was born, a collective of more than 40 producers and vocalists, mainly confined within France, brought together by Montreuil’s Tim Karbon. The diversity of the profiles involved in the project is proof of the richness of the French electronic scene. These include POLAAR’s entourage, Le French Work, Egregore Collective, as well as free electrons like Basile3 and the new militant Eurodance duo Disconscience.

With the compilation DAL de Vivre, the collective is committed to supporting the association Droit Au Logement, which has been fighting since the 1990s against poor housing in Île-de-France and elsewhere. In this context of crisis, the association is fighting specifically for the suspension of rents via their platform launched on the site www.loyersuspendu.org.

The compilation DAL de Vivre, presented by Quarantine Sonic Squad will be released this Friday, May 1 and is already available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

NB: Friday, May 1st is also the day when Bandcamp gives back 100% of sales to artists, in our case, everything will go to the association Droit Au Logement. Loudly ;)