La Vie Sauvage Intentions Couvre x Chefs
La Vie Sauvage Intentions Couvre x Chefs
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PREMIERE: La Vie Sauvage – Intentions (ft. Pet Snake)

La Vie Sauvage announces his new album with a dark and futuristic hyperpop banger enhanced by the ethereal vocals of Pet Snake

La Vie Sauvage is a Dutch producer whose inspirations range from French cinema to experimental pop and deconstructed or industrial club music. After several EPs and albums, including I Thrive in Chaos, which left its mark on the synthpop scene, La Vie Sauvage’s sound universe evolved and became more personal and mature.

At the beginning of 2023, the producer released the UFO “Like This Forever” (playlisted in our CxC Monthly Chart), with the participation of his regular collaborator Pet Snake. In the wake of this single, the duo presents today in our columns the track “Intentions“, a track designed for the dancefloor and tinged with dark futuristic hyperpop. The beat, sometimes trap, sometimes hybrid and syncopated brings a contrasted answer to Pet Snake’s ethereal and autotuned vocals. Juggling euphoric and melancholic elements, the track is an emotional journey into the world of its authors. Lyrically, “Intentions” deals with the loosening of moral values and questions the integrity of each and every person as tested by society.

“Intentions” is the first single from La Vie Sauvage’s upcoming album, a full-length that promises to be on the edge of experimental club music and EBM.

“Intentions” of La Vie Sauvage ft. Pet Snake is available on all platforms.