hi rosie pont patton couvre x chefs
hi rosie pont patton couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: HI ROSIE – Global Warning (Pont Patton)

The Pont Patton label celebrates 10 years of chaotic eclecticism with a compilation calibrated for the dancefloors

Originally founded to organize techno nights “for the MJCs of southern Paris”, the Pont Patton label defines itself as a “shelter for singular works” with a committed DIY philosophy. As much open to sentimental creations as to “eccentric ideas”, the team is keen to link disciplines, genres, cities, and artists in order to produce material that challenges our cultural consumption habits.

To celebrate a decade of activism, the label is about to release the 10 ans de Pont Patton (10 years of Pont Patton) compilation [PPT03]. On the program, as many artists as years of activism, and a tracklisting that gathers producers who have accompanied the label during the journey. Between footwork, funk, breaks, rave, and fairground banger, the release is club-oriented and promises to satisfy DJs. The following are present on this release: XXXIII, Lime68k, Soulsoap, RAVL, Baje Nunca, Sullyvan Ier, Alexander Collizione, Baja, Gravier Du Soleil, and HI ROSIE, who we are talking about today.

Ahead of the release, the label entrusted us with the track “Global Warning” by producer HI ROSIE. Devilishly efficient, the track which oscillates between Jersey and more experimental club music, testifies to its author’s attraction for nested and cleverly mixed bass music.

Pre-order 10 ans de Pont Patton on Bandcamp, official release on 22 March.