medel fudge metadatos ineffable couvre x chefs
medel fudge metadatos ineffable couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: Medel Fudge – Anomalías [Adaptación de Inserción] (Ineffable)

Medel Fudge’s sound narratives bring together technology, field recording, and experimental club music

Mexican producer Medel Fudge announces his new EP to come via Ineffable: Metadatos. Between IDM, glitch, breakbeat, jungle, and bass music, Medel Fudge explores in three tracks the relationship between technology, reality, and life.

The producer synthesizes in his work his academic influences of computer systems and metadata engineering, but also his background in instrumental music (guitar, piano), and his sensitive approach to field recordings. Seeking to compose sound narratives rather than commercial structures, Fudge presents here a conceptual EP with cold, raw, and sometimes chaotic accents.

Metadatos is inspired by how databases, conceptually speaking, can describe an enormous amount of relationships in the real world.

Medel Fudge

Our pre-release sample is the track “Anomalías [Adaptación de Inserción]”, which you can hear today in our columns. Birdsongs, amen breaks, technoid structures, and futuristic sound design give life to the track, perfectly balanced between experimental and club.

Pre-order Medel Fudge’s Metadatos on Bandcamp, to be released via Ineffable on September 2.