PREMIERE: Melina Blanco – Tulip

“Tulip”, the new single from Costa Rican producer Melina Blanco: between atmospheric ambient, destructured breakbeat, and glitch

Melina Blanco is a Costa Rican electronic music producer and DJ. Her work is defined primarily as “soundscapes” combining various sounds, atmospheric forms, and other audible textures. Her first EP, Lila which was released in 2019, followed by the single i am empty is a testimony to the ambient of her contemplative universe. At the end of 2020, Melina released Éter on Life bypass, an EP hailed by XLR8R in which her sound experiments open up to a more club-friendly dimension. Breakbeat, techno, and ambient coexist along the three meditative tracks.

Today, Melina Blanco granted us the privilege of announcing her brand new single: Tulip, which you can listen to on the player at the top of the article. Tulip is imagined as the sonic interpretation of colorful visual art. Melina wanted to produce a vibrant and energetic sound space. It is done thanks to the use of layers of synthesizers modified and built-in atmospheric layers. In the same spirit of her last EP Éter, the producer also uses on Tulip a few reworked drum samples, giving power to the song. Between syncopated breakbeat, glitchy, unstoppable technoid rhythmic and atmospheric pads, alternating very club-oriented parts and meditative rest, you never know when Tulip will leave you (then come back). The song keeps us going until the very end, and makes us hungry for more.

Tulip by Melina Blanco is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.