4am Kru Good Time Couvre x Chefs
4am Kru Good Time Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: 4am Kru – Good Time

The 4am Kru collective brings a wind of fresh air to the UK rave scene while retaining the authenticity of the genre codes

At the end of January, we received a request to add to our CxC Monthly Chart playlist. It was about a new collective of producers still unknown to our ears: 4am Kru, formed in 2020 by the talented London producers Stu and Howie. We were directly hooked on their old-school sound.

Today we are pleased to present their new single called “Good Time”. It is in a perpetual search for sounds specific to the means of production of the early 90’s UK rave scene that the spectrum of possibilities of 4am Kru is fully revealed.

“A time when sampling technology was new and innovative producers were sonically reinterpreting everything but the kitchen sink fused with sliced up, frenetic breakbeats. All to a backdrop of high-energy raves fuelled by drugs and a thirst for new sounds!”

Stu & Howie

And how can you not understand their vision while listening to “Good Time”? A track that pushed us into darkness with a frantic amen break and a dark bassline giving the impression of not being able to leave the dancefloor. All are linked by the sample of a pitched voice repeating only a few sentences and which melodies are capable of teleporting anyone to a warehouse in the 90s. It is for us a tireless invitation to move our body to the rhythm of the music.

This is their 10th production in less than a year and we can only hope to hear more from them in the future. 4am Kru is definitely a collective that brings a breath of fresh air while retaining the authenticity of the genre.

Listen to “Good Time” by 4am Kru on the player at the top of the article and grab it on Bandcamp.