Metanol FM Ramenzoni Couvre x Chefs
Metanol FM Ramenzoni Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Ramenzoni – Mente Latente (Metanol FM)

A true voice of the contemporary Brazilian experimental electronic scene, Metanol FM announces its first compilation: “Movimento Paralelo Vol. 1”.

Metanol FM is a multidisciplinary collective, label, and pioneering Brazilian web radio. The entity was born in 2009, first as a weekly radio show and street parties. Since then, the collective which turned into a label has also evolved into a key distribution platform for the local experimental electronic scene.

With five EPs and one album in its catalog, Metanol FM is about to release its first compilation: Movimento Paralelo Vol. 1. True to its mantra “all genres, no gender, just power electronic music”, the label brings together a handpicked palette of musical styles: jazz, acid, breakbeat, and ghettotech cross paths with Brazilian funk, electro, and techno, with an undoubtedly experimental approach. Resolutely original in its conception, the project is composed of six pieces separated by interludes for a total of thirteen tracks. The main compositions are signed by Akin Desckard (co-founder of Metanol), Guillerrrmo, Letricia, Ramenzoni, SysEx, and Zelada. The interludes are saxophone recordings by jazzman Dharma Jhaz. The whole release is thus sculpted around these jazz experiments, a real guiding thread and a way for artists to get inspired in these times of lockdown.

In addition to the audio, Movimento Paralelo Vol. 1 contains a secret folder with original samples, demos, subversive literature, an Ableton Live drum rack, and a remixed video version of the release by the audiovisual duo TAO.

In order to wait for the release of the compilation this Friday, Metanol FM has entrusted us with the premiere of the track “Mente Latente”, by producer Ramenzoni. Available at the top of the article, the track evokes us the electronic music of the ’80s, a genre that reminds us of the links between its evolution into Miami bass and Brazilian funk of the same period.

Metanol will also soon launch its Discord server dedicated to sharing tools, resources, and collaboration opportunities to stimulate its creative community and create a support network for emerging artists. In their words: “This is our call-to-action for the future of the Brazilian electronic music scene”.

Movimento Paralelo Vol. 1 will be available on 30 April on Metanol FM, pre-order on Bandcamp.