MTL Dances Across Borders Honeydrip
MTL Dances Across Borders Honeydrip

[PREMIERE] Honeydrip – Criticism Again [MTL Dances Across Borders]

Robotic & spacey bass music from the Canada-based artist out on the Montreal’s project first compilation

The Canadian electronic scene is full of resources and this new output proves it to us once again. MTL Dances Across Borders is a platform waving from Montreal, pushed into life by Jean Grünewald who teamed up here with electronic music media Mes Enceintes Font Défaut. Initially, thought as musical support to help people focus on the problematics relating to geographic & politic borders, their project gathers many forces from the bubbling local scene.

Throughout the record, you will hear a melancholic New-Wave infused electro smash by Mannequin Records affiliates Police Des Moeurs, as well as a furious Detroit’s ghetto-tech revival from FXBIP and a track from Sprælle among other candies. This shows how diversifying this compilation is musically-wise, and how this non-border mentality can be linked up to rethink our collective appurtenance to globalized earth. How can be that in 2020, some people are still struggling to move from a country to another because of their skin colour & bank account volume? The question isn’t quite quickly answered…

Honeydrip promo pic by Yannick Fornacciari

However, the MDAB project is inviting us to think electronic music as a true liberation of the self, regardless to which part of this world you’ve been raised on. A perfect example for this above cited borderless mentality is this massive but still gentle tune from Montréal based artist Tiana McLaughlan aka Honeydrip. Enchanting us with a delicate blend of robotic glitches and razor-shaped hi-hats, her track “Criticism Again” combines both energies of UK Bass and hybrid pop. Dealing with a suave vocal sample rebounding consistently on a canvas made of bubbling bass stabs & frenetic rimshots. Massively gentle, I said.

MTL Dances Across Borders’ MDBA01 comp will be digitally out on September 18th but you can already listen to the full release through their Bandcamp page here. All funds for the album will go to an inclusive & militant Canadian-based association called Solidarity Across Borders.