nikes ealastic rhythms couvre x chefs
nikes ealastic rhythms couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: Nikes – Premium (Elastic Rhythms)

With his new EP, Californian producer Nikes intends to make a name for himself on the dancefloors and in the heads of all jungle/footwork lovers this summer

Today is Nikes time! The Lake Forrest, CA, producer and co-founder of the Forbiddentrax label alongside DJ Sideswipe releases a clever mix of jungle and footwork on his new EP entitled Premium which is going to be released on Elastic Rhythms.

Before the release of the EP, Nikes entrusted us with the broadcast of the eponymous track, “Premium”. It starts at 170bpm with hip-hop and half tempo influences, the drums are mechanical, the 808 crushes us, we are well in front of a bass music producer who knows what he is doing. The track is made for those who won’t fall asleep on the dance floor.

We weren’t expecting anything else after such great releases on Modernruin, Jukebouncewerk, and all the self-released projects available on his Bandcamp, but this new EP is one not to miss. We can only recommend that you check out his Spotify to hear the full extent of his talent. Nikes is definitely a name to follow for all juke/footwork lovers.

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