OCTUBRXLIBRV malala dntfck couvre x chefs 1
OCTUBRXLIBRV malala dntfck couvre x chefs 1

OCTUBRXLIBRV explores ancient musical vibrations on his last EP

The Mexican label DNTFCK is about to publish its new release: EP MALALA produced by the Venezuelan OCTUBRXLIBRV.

After being the first solo EP released by DNTFCK in 2017, Caracas based producer is back with a second EP, announced as the last under his alias OCTUBRXLIBRV.

MALALA is a conceptual EP, a sort of shamanic black magic tale, with undiscovered dancefloor potential. Drawing inspiration from the rereading of Afro-Carribean religious practices along the seven tracks, OCTUBRXLIBRV managed to deliver a singular interpretation of a pre-Columbian contemporary black mass, all anachronism apart. The mystical ambiences and other samples of rituals are propelled by an energic rythm comming straight from dembow which is kind of reminding us of the vision of the Chilean producer Imaabs.

Before the release of the full EP on November 15, CxC is happy to share exclusively the opening title of it, 21 CUCHILLOS, listening below.

The EP as described by DNTFCK :

In the traditional Afro-Caribbean religions, it is believed that the spirits of the dead can be consulted in order to ask for protection and advice. In order to summon them, they are worshipped in dance ceremonies, where a priest mediates between the spirits and the live persons. With the help of trance-inducing drums, hypnotic chants, and different kind of offerings and sacrifices, the aim of the ritual is being possessed by the spirits souls and acquire their strength, wardship and knowledge.

MALALA is a collection of 7 percussive club tracks that took influence and inspiration from the ancient musical vibrations of this ritualistic mysticism. Taking back a shattering recount of his ethnical roots and numinous influences with contemporary urban soundscapes with his unique imprint on Latin rhythms, OCTUBRXLIBRV served both as a priest and as a demon for the narrative guidance of MALALA, his final musical tale.

OCTUBRXLIBRV musical syncretism is surrounded by a collection of mystical references where ancient rhythms meet powerful rave melodies and dark dembow reconstructions. While this EP was highly planned for the dancefloor, the carefully selected religious samples and eerie sound excerpts, confer a highly narrative approach to MALALA.

Through the seven club tracks, OCTUBRXLIBRV provides a particular exploration on ritualistic club music: In ‘21 CUCHILLOS’ the syncopated ethereal rhythms with the ancient tribe samples introduces the mystical direction of the EP.

MALALA by OCTUBRXLIBRV will be available via DNTFCK on Nov 15, follow them on Bandcamp.