Swordman Kitala & Tim Karbon - SKTK - Artwork v3 Couvre x Chefs
Swordman Kitala & Tim Karbon - SKTK - Artwork v3 Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Swordman Kitala & Tim Karbon – Kalamide (Promesses)

French producer Tim Karbon and Ugandan MC Swordman Kitala (Nyege Nyege) join forces for an explosive hybrid UK Funky and Dancehall Club EP

The three-track SKTK EP is the result of exchanges between busy producer, DJ, drummer, and activist Tim Karbon and Nyege Nyege’s former Ugandan MC, Swordman Kitala.

After discovering the MC on the project Kikommando by the Italian Still (PAN, 2021), the producer from Montreuil contacted him to initiate the collaboration. This work with the vocalist is a first for Tim Karbon, and the challenge is to associate the hybrid club aesthetic tinged with dembow and dancehall of the producer with the way of rapping of the MC from Kampala punctuated with ad-libs and even spoken words.

To complete the whole, each track of the EP has been remixed by artists close to the label Promesses which publishes the release: Loto Retina took care of “Dingidingi Dole”, Brodinski & Sébastien Forrester of “Highlandrum”, while “Kalamide” has been rethought by Beatrix Weapons.

Pre-order SKTK by Tim Karbon and Swordman Kitala on Bandcamp, official release on tape and digital on March 17th via Promesses.