Following on from Adama’s latest EP that we recently presented to you on CxC, the XXIII label strikes again with a twelfth volume in their series of emblematic compilations. We invite you to listen to KARAN!’s massive track before everyone.

In 2017, two years after its creation by DJs and curators Noia and Torres, the Portuguese label XXIII launched a series of compilations called Name Your Price on Bandcamp. To the delight of DJs from all over the world in search of new sensations, these collections brought together 100% dancefloor pieces, from baile funk to batida, taking care to sweep away their most extreme subgenres. From these veritable baskets filled with bombs designed for the sweatiest clubs, the Porto label gradually built its notoriety as an outstanding digger, until it became a reference in terms of global electronic music, especially when it aims to merge Portuguese-speaking music with the atmosphere of English clubs.

This new volume, entitled VOLUME 12, is once again an exciting look at current electronic music, with an assumed retro-futuristic side. From Surreal Sessions’ Gqom 3.0, we encounter the acid Big Beat of Lewis Aung, which recalls the early hours of The Prodigy. Throughout the 20 tracks, we also discover the dark Grime/UK Garage fusion of Melodramatic, the old school Breakbeat of Crosstalk, the cosmic Baile Funk of Gaszia, the much dirtier Funk of DJ Alyx, or even this piece by the Portuguese Mesqit, which takes us back to the crazy UK Jungle of the 90s.

In the middle of this agitation, we find “MALUS”, a saturated dubstep from the Brazilian KARAN!, who likes to inject elements of bass music, baile funk or mandelão into his music. “The concept of the piece is literally to be noisy and chaotic” tells us the young producer, who has received – unsurprisingly – praise from Skrillex and Noisia, notably for his EP Putão. “MALUS is a very important piece for me” he continues. “I’ve always been a huge fan of XXIII, and when I received the invitation to be part of the compilation, I was really excited!” A logical invitation, as the track pushes the limits of Brazilian music to its limits, with its destructive bass line and its threatening acid notes. New mission accomplished for KARAN: “I tried to destroy Funk in the best possible way and I think I succeeded!”

The compilation will be released on December 29th, enough to have an excited New Year’s Eve! Pre-order VOLUME 12 on XXIII’s Bandcamp.