SOMOS Rafa Maya Bella Couvre x Chefs
SOMOS Rafa Maya Bella Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Rafa Maya – “Bella” [SOMOS]

Rafa Maya is definitely part of the producers on our radar for a while now. We find a few information on this mysterious producer who already has various bootlegs and unreleased titles published on famous labels such as Track Meet, NAAFI or Majía.

On CxC today we present in exclusivity the new piece by Rafa Maya, entitled Bella, from the second compilation coming from Los Angeles collective SOMOS.

I made that track during one of those crazy thunderstorms [Author’s note: rainy season in Mexico City is fatal] last year in CDMX [Author’s note: Ciudad de Mexico aka Mexico City], powered by mezcal and the thunder allowing me to push my speakers a bit louder than usual without pissing off my neighbours

That’s Rafa told us about Bella’s genesis. Stream it now just below:



SOMOS celebrates two years with the “SOMOS V.2” compilation

Bella is from the forthcoming compilation SOMOS V.2. SOMOS was born in 2016 and defines itself as a collective of artists culturally aware of how culture influences music, art and personal expression in general. Among the members of the collective, we find NOCHÉ (Marseille, France), JLZ (Brasília, Brazil), Goro (Berlin, Germany), VHOOR & VINÍ (Brazil), Shiroi Kitsune (Madrid, Span) and the founder Diego Romero aka FLACO.

You can also find SOMOS on Dash Radio, on the Delicious Vinyl channel or in replay on their SoundCloud.

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