couvre x chefs rinse france el plvybxy
couvre x chefs rinse france el plvybxy

Rinse France w/ EL PLVYBXY & Philou CxC

couvre x chefs rinse france el plvybxyCxC on Rinse France with EL PLVYBXY

For our first show of 2019 on the excellent station Rinse France, we had the honour of receiving a guest mix of EL PLVYBXY. Philou CxC took charge of the second hour.


Boss of the label AGVA Records, the young producer and DJ EL PLVYBXY , which name is Gregorio Da Silva, is a key member of the Argentinian Club scene. His musical research, whether through his own productions, or his DJ set, places him among a new generation of producers who are pushing the contemporary club scene further, constantly pushing forward the identity of the “Latin music”, and generating, locally or via the Internet, free and inclusive spaces. Managing AGVA Records since 2016, and running the monthly party Agvaritual in Buenos Aires, EL PLVYBXY told us about his project:

I wanted to discover and support local producers who were pushing forward this new Sudaka  [South American, editor’s note] sound. That’s what inspired me and the gang to create Agva : the necessity to build a platform for all the local club punks.

After a robust EP released on its label AGVA end 2017, participations on Oxyorange or DNTFCKMajía released his last EP, at the end of 2018. From Brazilian and Argentinian roots, EL PLVYBXY works finely with rhythms inspired by his personal context, while highlighting the similarities and complementarities with other producers of the globe, as he did for his mix for Rinse France.

EL PLVYBXY mix is a solid hour of intense music club finely selected and impeccably mixed. The cast is impressive: the Latinos Siete Catorce, Javier Estrada, Erick Rincon or Alfonso Luna meet our compatriot Flagalova, or the Italian Rapala700 of the Milanese collective Spiritual Sauna, in a bluffing consistency.



Superficie – No Oco
Air Max 97 – Chalk
Alonso Luna -Ikunahy
Abssys & MΔTΣ  – C0NCR3T0
El Plvybxy – ???????
Lazos x Togheter (El Plvybxy x Trippie redd) Pobvio Edit
Flagalova – Vampire Diary
Siete Catorce – Susurro
Erick Rincon – The Song
Dj GBR -Rave dos fluxos
Rapala700 – The Melody
Javier Estrada – Rise Up
Dj GBR – Novinho Safadao
False Witness – Perfect Attack (Estoc Remix)
Chromosay – Maldades
Resla ft. Killbourne – In the night
Dj Sorriso22 – Tu vai Jogar pra os pitbull do Joaquim
Amazondotcom – POLLIT
tropical interface – initial source (Ytem recycle)
El Plvybxy – ????????


Philou CxC

Ariana x Iron Soul  – God Is A Woman Ma Live Blend
Booba – Rats des Villes
Ida Dillan & Ballo – Infected [Extasis Records]
Onelight – Chromexcel [Forth. Pschent]
Aaliyah – We need a Resolution (LVCF edit)
Braian x Imaabs – Doscomattres [HiedraH]
Jakkz – Get On (Dancehall Soca Flip)
Javier Estrada – Afrimaye Kuduro
Landre x Lao – Merged Final Mixdown [unreleased]
OMAAR – Zulu Funky (Original) [unreleased]
Kingdom x P JAM – Pepper Pot (w/ Kelela – Rewind Vox) [Fade To Mind]
Nick Leon – Obsidian [TAR]
Funeral – Tribal [Salviatek]
Radeco Domar – Energía Animal [CVJV NEGRV RECORDS]
EL PLVYBXY – Lazos [Majía]
Nguzunguzu – Unfold [Silverback Recordings]
Radeco Domar – Mundo Bipolar [CVJV NEGRV RECORDS]
FKOFF1963 – Pumpa La Haunted
NA – Ecstacy (L-Vis Edit)
Kelela – Take Me Apart (Neans Megamix)
Goro & DJ JM – Prague Bus [Forth. Merci Jitter]
Gan Gah – Maalaya Dance [Lowup Records]
CKRONO – CG4 string (EDIT) [Forth. XXIII]
La Zowi – No Lo Ves [La Vendición]
BJF – Baile Do Busta [Forth. XXIII]
InLapse – Flauta Envolvente
Amor Satyr – Zeze refix [Forth. XXIII]
Lechuga Zafiro – Sapo Diablo [NAAFI]
DJ Perigoso -MacoBayou [Príncipe]
El Mayor Clasico ft Crazy Design – Guayando los Cocos
Dj Krash Publicidades Ortega – Cachetea
$eñor $in $exo – Answer Three [Lowers]