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VIDEO PREMIERE: Sale Garce – JSS F (Piquance Records)​

Sorority, intimacy and kindness in the new video of Marseilles rapper Sale Garce

Hyperactive and playful, Sale Garce unveils her new video “JSS F”, from her upcoming EP on Piquance Records.

Sale Garce, you’ve certainly already come across her on SoundCloud, on the dancefloor, behind decks, on the mic, or even during a rave in the Calanques. Lead artist of the label Piquance Records, she took us by surprise at the beginning of 2020 with the release of the track “J’sui ton boy”, a trap banger to be (re)discovered urgently, which gave a glimpse of the energy she has in her.

Sale Garce is generous and playful, she touches you where it feels good and can sometimes sting where it hurts if you’re not prepared. She burns like fire, it’s up to you if you like playing with her.

As a teaser from her first EP which will be released in a few months, the rapper reveals today the clip of “JSS F”. The idea of this one is inspired by the initiative of Soum Soum Kitchen, a clandestine restaurant created during the lockdown in Marseille and which offered gastronomic meetings. “The atmosphere was incredible: after so much time spent only partially in contact with our friends, spending a lot of time alone at home, these meetings were a haven of peace, a social stimulation, we felt a sense of well-being, comfort, serenity, and all the while being in a context that awakened our taste buds like never before”, Sale Garce told us.

With the video clip for “JSS F”, the rapper wanted to relive these intimate and benevolent moments, but above all to share them with a wider audience. A true collective work, we inevitably find Soum Soum Kitchen in charge of the gastronomy and scenography, Anaïs Vigliano in charge of the direction, Cyber Utopianism, and Wilehm Morris in charge of the styling, the accessories are signed itdl and the nail art by Sale Garce de zbobinails. Not forgetting the 3D design by nevzito, author of the visual identity of the label Piquance Records.

While waiting to know more about Sale Garce’s EP, you should of course watch “JSS F” over and over again, but also listen to Piquance’s very first compilation released recently, on which you can find her previous track “Jsuis ton boy”. Sale Garce is on Instagram, so is Piquance.