Sines love in the club couvre x chefs
Sines love in the club couvre x chefs

Sine’s mix for lovers and heartbroken

The producer and DJ Sines who is also half of the emblematic duo Santa Muerte, entrusted us with the airing of his new mix: Love In The Club Vol 2.

Three years after the excellent volume 1, the producer from Houston sets the mood for 30 minutes of love songs/heartbreak songs, handpicked, between sentimental reggaeton, melancholic trap and sensitive club music.

Beginning with a perfect bootleg between the intro of Callaíta by Bad Bunny and the cult replica of Alice (Nathalie Portman) in Closer which slides naturally towards Kelela remixed by Santa Muerte (precisely!), Sines sets the mood perfectly.

We could continue to detail the choice and the impeccable sequence of each track, but name dropping some of the people on the tracklist would be sufficient, just in case you are still reading and wondering how bad you need to listen to this mix: Yayoyanoh, Dinamarca, Annual AA, Albany, Rosalía & Ozuna, Zutzut …

What to look forward to the next EP from Sines coming this summer.


Callaita Intro
Foolish Bluff
What I Need
Dime Que Tu Quieres
Horny Guitar 2.0
Late Night
Yo x Ti x Tu x Mi

Artwork 4THLRGST