Sonido Berzerk Juke Stash vol 3 couvre x chefs
Sonido Berzerk Juke Stash vol 3 couvre x chefs

Premiere: Sonido Berzerk – 4 Da House (Ten Toes Turbo)

Sonido Berzerk weaves together Juke and Ghettotech in this new extract from Ricky’s Juke Stash Vol. 3

The veracruzano Sonido Berzerk, a true ambassador of club sounds in Mexico, is about to release a brand new pack: Ricky’s Juke Stash Vol. 3.

As the third chapter of Ricky’s Juke Stash series, this pack continues the tradition of the lineage. As a reminder, Juke Stash is a collection of Sonido Berzerk releases consisting of 100% juke-focused tracks.

After a volume 2 released a year ago and which we talked about here, Ricky aka Sonido Berzerk is back with a new opus. On the program of this one, no less than five explosive unreleased tracks were produced by the founder of the label Ten Toes Turbo.

Ahead of the EP’s release next week, we’re excited to unveil the exclusive track “4 Da House” today in our columns. The opening track of the EP, “4 Da House” highlights the links between Juke and Ghettotech. A natural filiation for the two styles born in Chicago which answer each other with ease and efficiency in our extract of Juke Stash Vol 3.

Pre-order Ricky’s Juke Stash Vol. 3 by Sonido Berzerk on Bandcamp. Official release on December 15th at Ten Toes Turbo.