esquirlas hiedrah couvre x chefs
esquirlas hiedrah couvre x chefs

PREMIERE : Aggromance – Rotas Cadenas [HiedraH]

esquirlas hiedrah couvre x chefs
Artwork de la compilation “Esquirlas” de Hiedrah, réalisé par Jusomor et Mauro Agustín Cruz

HiedraH Club de Baile is a Buenos Aires crew that has been active since 2013. Real life manifesto of a certain resistance and freedom through dance, the crew has organized nearly 50 parties since its creation. Some of them have been set in the middle of the street, some of them have been organized during political march such as la Marcha del Orgullo in 2016.

“Dance to fight and to not forget. “ could be the Hiedrah’s motto.

Founded by Ybán López Ratto, Nahuel Colazo and Tayhana (who is also affiliated to NAAFI and based in Mexico), HiedraH is also the curator of a series of mixtapes, the editor of compilations produced by people affiliated to the crew such as Moro, or the producer of a series of EP. Next month, HiedraH will produce a much bigger project: their first compilation called Esquirlas, from which you can listen to the track Rotas Cadenas by Aggromance as an exclusive for CxC.

Esquirlas compilation is a danceable roadmap of the path of memory

Esquirlas compilation is undoubtedly the product of hard work. It gathers 12 South American producers whose path crossed HiedraH since its birth. Guest artists, DJs, the casting of the compilation is a beacon for the most skilled and promising actors of contemporary electronic music: Imaabs, Moro, Sikuri, DJ Pavigo, Pininga or R€tumba, Pobvio, Lechuga Zafiro, Aggromance… actually we could mention them all.

Esquirlas‘ goal is to pay homage to the memory of rhythm appropriation and assimilation. Each producer has gone back to and rebuilt their own soundscape in order to compose together a memory roadmap as a group achievement. Esquirlas compilation is also an impressive milestone for the crew which has, in 4 years only, set itself as the center of Buenos Aires experimental club music.

aggromance colgada rotas cadenas hiedrah esquirlas couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: Aggromance – “Rotas Cadenas”

As a first track of the compilation, we have the honour to listen to the work of Aggromance through the track Rotas Cadenas. Aggromance is Diego Luna’s musical project and has, with this track, signed his first work for the Argentinian crew. Diego “Aggromance” Luna uses the concept of Marcha, which he was kind enough to explain to us: “Marcha” was the generic term on the 90’s here in Argentina to name electronic music styles that were popular in the decade: trance, tribal, techno… it doesn’t matter if it was Darude’s Eurobeat or Ultra Nate’s House, every electronic sound fell in the denomination.”.

Styles affiliated to Marcha were poorly looked upon at the beginning by an audience hungry for rock and cumbia. People who listened to Marcha were called “cheta” (or “Fancy Bitch” as Diego said us) and marginalized for what was considered weird tastes. Diego Luna explained to us that behind his track lean a homage to that rhythm which was his adolescence’s soundtrack.

The Track from Aggromance is an emotional sweet which is skillfully carved for the club. Trance, which seems to have been an inspiration for this track is made sublime by dembow rhythms which tends to remind us tribal guarachero. A club banger to drop on the dancefloor which will create a certain state of freedom with a pinch of nostalgia.

Rotas Cadenas form Aggromance is the first exclusive track from Esquirlas compilation edited by HiedraH Club de Baile and you can listen to it with the player above. Esquirlas will be available on April 10th.

Translation by Manouel Sanchez.

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