musgo lym couvre x chefs
musgo lym couvre x chefs

[PREMIERE] The Brazilian label Bruk is back with Lym.’s EP

More than a year ago, Brazilian label Bruk released its fifth and latest compilation. Their series started in 2016, brought together and revealed the cream of the current Brazilian club music producers: DKVPZ, Bad$ista, Viní, Tap, Sants, Marginal Men, Maffalda …

More than a year of silence, during which Lym., producer at the head of the project, prepared the great return of the label with the release of his first EP, Musgo.

Exclusive listening: the title Maduro from the upcoming EP of Lym.

Maduro is a banger mixing various club influences. It is a drum track punctuated with ballroom samples, carried by a melody simultaneously dark and energetic.  The quality of this title, already in pre-order, lets us predict an EP equally remarkable.

Lym.’s EP Musgo will be available in full on Bruk’s Bandcamp and SoundCloud next week.