Jader Toya Liquorish Couvre x Chefs
Jader Toya Liquorish Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Jader Toya – JT Got Stinged (Liquorish Records)

Newcomer Jader Toya unveils his innovative vision of experimental club music with his debut EP on Liquorish Records

A few months after H-Sik’s excellent post-dancehall EP, Amsterdam label Liquorish Records announces its next release: Synced Pregnancy EP by producer Jader Toya.

Little is known about Jader Toya, except that he is based in Paris. After listening to the EP, we can also add that he is about to release one of the most bluffing EPs of this fall. Synced Pregnancy is a real introduction, a business card for its author. On the EP, the producer shares with us his hyper singular approach to experimental club music.

Experimental, yes, but undoubtedly danceable. The four tracks of the EP reveal a rich, referenced, and perfectly articulated panorama. Somewhere between (what we would have called?) machine music, the most hybrid side of Sound Pellegrino, and an unexpected reminiscence of 80’s strings, Jader Toya lays with Synced Pregnancy EP, the solid foundations of a promising career.

Ahead of the release, Liquorish Records gave us the track “JT Got Stinged”, which can be heard here. The opening track of the EP, “JT Got Stinged” starts in the most percussive way this first release of Jader Toya.

To top it all off, the EP is completed with a remix by legendary Manchester avant-garde producer Walton, released on Hyperdub and Tectonic.

Pre-order Synced Pregnancy by Jader Toya on Bandcamp, official release on November 5th by Liquorish Records.