PREMIERE: TenTwentySeven & Dreem Tran’s – Exit Theme [CLM x GUN]

The Club Late Music project, born between Paris and London in 2015, presents itself as a fully open source music label that reflects the instant nature of today’s internet culture. Club Late Music tries to represent an artistic movement stimulated by the music club by experimenting with various visual communication supports (photography, video). The so-called URL culture is the link between the musical identity put forward and the proposed visuals.

Club Late Music soon came up with the idea of creating an open (by simple registration)  and collaborative community called Global URL Nation, or GUN, bringing together producers from all over the globe who wanted to propose and broadcast their vision of the current music club, but also visual artists involved in the communication of the project.

After a first inaugural compilation in 2015, then many international dates, Club Late Music released in 2017 the first compilation of the CLM x GUN project, named Exquisite Corpse, on which three groups of four artists collaborated remotely, in the form of an exquisite corpse.

On May 14, their next compilation Machine Gun will be released, featuring 37 tracks, bringing together many artists of the current underground music club. We can find artists already present on the first compilation, such as LaBok, Moesha13, JG Jour or Victor Metske. Diversity is assumed with sounds of baile funk by Leo Justi and Viní, dembow by Blastah, but also footwork, trance, trap, or more percussive orientations with TenTwentySeven and Dreem Tran’s, of which we present you the track “Exit Theme” below.



Artwork of Machine Gun compilation, designed by Gourau & Phong studio.

PREMIERE: TenTwentySeven & Dreem Tran’s – Exit Theme

TenTwentySeven, recently featured on Majía’s latest bootleg compilation, has collaborated with young Czech producer Dreem Tran’s, who has produced energetic tracks recently at Flood, Sapyens Records and Classical Trax. Their meeting gave birth to a percussive piece, to add without a doubt question the growing repertoire of hard drum music.

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