The Fontanas Blue Canariñho Movimientos Couvre x Chefs
The Fontanas Blue Canariñho Movimientos Couvre x Chefs

[PREMIERE] The Fontanas – Loucuras de Uma Paixão (Blue Canariñho Flip) [Movimientos Records]

When the tropical funk live band The Fontanas revisits a samba classic and orders a “favela flip” from Reprezent FM’s DJ Blue Canariñho

For their new release, the London label Movimientos Records announces Capoeira Mata Um EP, a project bringing together two reworks of great popular Brazilian classic tunes produced by the live band The Fontanas.

With the intention of introducing the track “Capoeira Mata Um”, made famous by Jackson de Pandeiro in the 1950s, to a new audience, the band wanted to redo it by using their very own electronic, tropical funk, and Brazilian forró style. In this new version, the vocals are interpreted by Aleh (Ferreira), a legend of Brazilian samba and soul, eminent vocalist for the famous group Banda Black Rio.

Good news never comes alone, The Fontanas decided to revisit a second Brazilian classic available on the same release, the track “Loucuras de Uma Paixão”. Original title by Jorge Aragão released in 1997, “Loucuras de Uma Paixão” is one of the most known track of samba. In their version, The Fontanas called Laurie Blundell & Let Drum Beat to take care of the vocals.

In addition to the two Brazilian classics revisited by The Fontanas, Capoeira Mata Uma EP is embellished with remixes by DJ Tahira and Tom Excell for the eponymous track, and Blue Canariñho for “Loucuras de Uma Paixão”. It is the track which you can listen to at the top of the article and which we are talking about today,

Blue Canariñho is a London-based Brazilian DJ and producer residing on Reprezent FM. Author of a recent and fantastic FUNK150FLIPZEPVOL1 pack combining baile funk, trap, and RnB, Blue puts his signature baile funk style to the track “Loucuras de Uma Paixão”. Combining the traditional samba of the original with the sleek contemporary baile funk rythm, Blue achieves an interesting bridge, and definitely club-ready, between classical and current Brazilian music.

Capoeira Mata Uma EP from The Fontanas is out this Friday, December 4th on Movimientos Records and is already in pre-co on Bandcamp.

Blue Canariñho, courtesy Movimientos Records