wrack miss jay xiao quan the link up
wrack miss jay xiao quan the link up

PREMIERE: WRACK ft. Miss Jay – Siege Tank

Miss Jay, Xiao Quan, and WRACK explore the most underground sub-genres of club music on a joint EP: “The Link Up

Unavoidable producers of the club music scene, Miss Jay (UNIZONE, Ashida Park), WRACK (NAAFI, Usi Kuvo), and Xiao Quan (Infinite Machine, Function Lab) unite their strength on a new EP: The Link Up.

Composed during the lockdown and nightlife’s total shutdown, the EP was an opportunity for the three artists to explore new musical horizons. Along the four tracks that make up the project, Miss Jay, WRACK, and Xiao Quan take us into the core of Club Music hybridized to the limit, where the most mutant sub-genres of contemporary electronic music telescope harmoniously. With instrumental Grime, Reggaeton kick, Dancehall reminiscences, and elusive rhythmic structures, The Link Up pushes all limits.

The culmination of the collaborations that have been done so far.


Before the release, the three artists entrusted us with “Siege Tank”, produced by WRACK and Miss Jay and available today in our columns. Icy and metallic atmosphere, real post-apocalyptic soundtrack, the track is a striking banger.

Pre-order The Link Up by Xiao Quan, Miss Jay, and WRACK on Bandcamp, official release on September 17th.