[PREMIERE] QOQEQA – Toroidal [Kebrada]

With his label Kebrada, Dengue Dengue Dengue highlights the rhythmic experiments of Latin America

The remarkable Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue, which has defied any preconceived idea that one could have had on electronic music from Latin America for ten years now, is in the process of launching its own label: Kebrada.

The name comes from the verb quebrar in Spanish which means to break, and refers to what one might call the Latin broken beats. Inspired by the hybrid sounds of Latin America, the label’s ambition is therefore to highlight the innovative work of producers from the continent engaging in remarkable rhythmic experiments. Faithful to the signature of Dengue Dengue Dengue to also bring a polished visual aspect to their projects, Kebrada will be no exception to the rule.

The label’s first release will be a compilation called Discos en 3 / Cuartos. Red thread and concept of this first release, the Peruvian duo asked the invited artists not to use the traditional 4/4 rhythmic structure but rather a syncopated 3/4 pattern.

Making a track in 3/4 metric is to soak up the groove, not think too much and surrender to the rhythm.


On the tracklisting of this upcoming release only in double vinyl, a list handpicked from the avant-garde of Latin America’s producers, between confirmed and new emerging talents: Nick León ft. Lila Tirando A Violeta, Funeral, Siete Catorce, El Irreal Veintiuno, Debit, DJ Raff, Merci & Marco, Arstidez or even QOQEQA.

Hacer un track en métrica 3/4 es empaparte de groove, no pensar mucho y entregarte al ritmo.


QOQEQA’s Afro-Peruvian trance

In order to wait before the release of the entire disc next Friday, the label has entrusted us with the broadcast of the track “Toroidal” produced by the Peruvian producer QOQEQA. It is the alias of Daniel Valle-Riestra (ex-Animal Chuki / ZZK Records) under which he explores Afro-Peruvian, Andean and tribal musical roots. “Toroidal”, a real trance and Afro-Peruvian hybrid track is awailable at the top of the article.

“Toroidal contains metal and wood textures. Also violin strings that bring me a lot of melancholy. The voices are from a group of Massaï women who transmit me a lot of strength.”

Toroidal contiene texturas de metales y maderas. También cuerdas de violines que me traen mucha melancolía. Las voces son de un grupo de mujeres Massaï que me transmiten mucha fuerza.”

Discos en 3 / Cuartos is released on Kebrada on September 11, pre-order right now on Bandcamp.