[PREMIERE] Precolumbian & Estoc – Misti [Majía]

Landocore or the reunion of Afro-Peruvian rhythms and hardcore according to Precolumbian and Estoc

Less than a year after their first and excellent joint EP (CCT EP, at APOCALIPSIS), the producers Precolumbian and Estoc are back with Landocore, their new project to come out on Majía.

Landocore refers to the way the two artists combine Afro-Peruvian rhythms with hardcore. Landó is an ancestral rhythm and dance of Angolan origin practised by the Black community of Lima. In their work, Estoc and Precolumbian incorporate Andean instruments such as the zampoña (or siku, polycalame flute) or the quena (vertical flute). There is also cajón, a parallelepiped soundbox invented in Peru in the 18th century.

The two producers from Philadelphia therefore revisit these pre-Hispanic influences and combine them with contemporary club music filled with gabber, hardcore and other hard styles, thus giving birth to their inimitable own style.

© Peggy Sisouvong

If last year CCT EP was already an excellent release, Landocore raises the bar even higher. Composed of 5 tracks – an intro, an outro and 3 unstoppable bangers – Landocore is a remarkable club project, a true manifesto of non-traditional club music ready to decolonize any dancefloor. The apocalyptic artwork is signed Alejandro Núñez Ferrara (Zutzut! <3).

We revealed Misti at the beginning of the article, a devastating track whose percussion rolls are evoking tribal prehispánico, and merge with wind instruments which are evoking Peru.

Landocore by Estoc and Precolumbian will be available in full this Friday, June 5 via Majía, the pre-co already open on Bandcamp.

Precolumbian is a DJ, musician and curator. She is the co-founder of the experimental queer club night Seltzer. Estoc is a DJ, producer and seeks through her work the links between antifascism and hardcore. Together they launched Search Engine, a new line of events highlighting trans women DJs and producers, also a safe space for exploring unconventional club music.