plaisance records pura pura gipsyan tom manzarek triad effect
plaisance records pura pura gipsyan tom manzarek triad effect

PREMIERE: Gipsyan, Tom Manzarek – Mezcal Punch (Pura Pura Remix) (Plaisance Records)

Gipsyan, Tom Manzarek, and Pura Pura sign an explosive musical cocktail in their new EP on Plaisance Records

Plaisance Records, the label created by the team behind Piñata Radio, is determined to offer Montpellier a place of choice on the French club music map.

After a solid compilation released this summer called Court Circuit Vol. 1, with the impeccable slogan: “Designed for dancefloors, made by local artists”, the label will be releasing a new, rather peculiar “various artists” project. Entitled Triad Affect, this new EP brings together three producers from the Piñata / Plaisance family: Gipsyan, Tom Manzarek, and Pura Pura.

The EP consists of three original tracks produced by two members of the trio – Gipsyan x Tom Manzarek, Tom Manzarek x Pura Pura, and Pura Pura x Gipsyan – as well as three remixes where each producer has remixed the original track on which he was not present. A decisive mix of influences where club music, dancehall, afro, or jungle inspirations of the protagonists meet.

Ahead of the project’s Bandcamp Friday release on December 3rd, we’re pleased to unveil today Pura Pura‘s remix of the track “Mezcal Punch”, the original of which is by Gipsyan and Tom Manzarek. Besides an exceptional cocktail idea, replacing the traditional rum with Mexican mezcal, an excellent cousin of tequila that is far too underrated, the track is a striking banger. Pura Pura adds the Jersey Club codes to Gipsyan and Tom Manzarek’s track and the magic happens instantly.

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