Brutalism Philanthropist Sadan Couvre x Chefs
Brutalism Philanthropist Sadan Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Philanthropist – Trovants (Sadan Records)

On “Brutalism”, to be released on Sadan Records, the DJ & producer Philanthropist explores the possibilities of dark, futuristic, and experimental sound design

Sadan Records is a label from Tel Aviv dedicated to contemporary electronic music and visual arts. Founded in 2020 by a collective of producers, CG artists, and graphic designers, Sadan Records aims to disseminate the work of local producers, without limiting itself to specific styles or labels.

After three solo EPs (vinyl + digital) and a compilation, the label is about to release its fifth production: an EP called Brutalism, the work of Philanthropist. Brutalism will be the second EP from Lod producer after Cloaked, his previous project released on Sifon. In this new essay, the producer breaks down the shackles of club music in order to compose a language of his own. Industrial, dark, and maximalist, Brutalism completely rethinks pre-established rhythmic sequences and other standardized drum kick patterns. Philanthropist here explores the possibilities of an experimental futuristic sound design that seems endless.

Before the release of the full EP, the label trusted us with broadcast of the track “Trovants”, which you can listen to with the player at the top of the article. Syncopated percussive motif, psychedelic synths, fat bass, and vocals passed through the mill, “Trovants” is a piece as obscure as it is intense.

Brutalism by Philanthropist will be out on Sadan Records on March 12, pre-order on Bandcamp.