wetransa syntrovert martin.pdf couvre x chefs 2
wetransa syntrovert martin.pdf couvre x chefs 2

[PREMIERE] Martin.pdf & Syntrovert – Assian [WeTransa]

In the midst of the boiling point of the Latin American electronic scene, which we have already kept you up to date with, we are witnessing the birth of a brand new project : WeTransa.

If the hijacking of the famous WeTransfer’s font necessarily evokes a way of modern data exchange, it also puts us on the right track to understand what it is about:

3 tracks
2 artists
1 EP

The ambition of the project is quite simple and wants to be homogeneous: to bring together two producers, in order to release a three tracks EP. A template that promises to apply to all releases from the catalog labelled WeTransa.

Born from the desire to give space to emerging proposals, WeTransa defines itself as an egalitarian and free platform. To create bridges between different club scenes, to generate new material out of this meeting and to distribute it in order to make it accessible to build a true creative self-managed community space: it is the promising ambition of the young label.

Martin.pdf & Syntrovert sign “Primera Transa EP”

The first release is the meeting between the excellent Chilean producer Syntrovert and Martin.pdf. Entitled Primera Transa EP, the three tracks that make up this release get rid of any local and personal influences (cumbia, dembow), and delivers global music thought for the club, resolutely efficient and ambitious.

In order to wait before the release of the full EP on February 28, WeTransa entrusted us with the title Assian, which you can listen to with the player below. A banger where oriental influences (darbouka) and sharp dembow meet, with a hint of 808 which is reminiscent of the Miami bass which influenced the baile funk of the early days.

Primera Transa EP de Martin.pdf & Syntrovert will be available on 28 February at WeTransa.